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Schedule of Events

TitleCityState/ ProvinceDate Registration
16CHARGEWhenever Possible, Charge? User Fees As a Revenue SourceOnline Sep 28, 2016
16AMFUNDAsset Mgmt: Creating Funding Scenarios & Lifecycle CostingOnline Oct 11, 2016
16SQUARESquaring Aspirational Planning & Infrastructure FinancingOnline Oct 20, 2016
16AMDEBTAsset Mgmt:Financing Infrastructure-Debt, Reserves, Fund GapOnline Nov 10, 2016
16WATERWWIssues in Financing Municipal Water and Wastewater ServicingOnline Nov 15, 2016

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MFOA promotes the interests of our members in carrying out their statutory and other financial responsibilities through advocacy, information sharing, networking opportunities, and through the promotion of fiscal sustainability. We also provide members with training and education to enable continuous professional development and to support excellence in municipal finance.

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