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Event Details

Event Registration - Municipal Finance 101: A Fundamentals Course
Start Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
End Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Description: MFOA's Municipal Finance 101 is designed to provide participants with a foundation in the fundamentals of municipal finance including the legislation that impacts your role as finance officers in Ontario. MFOA has developed this course to offer a good understanding of the core areas of focus within the role of the finance officer and includes strategies and tools to manage these responsibilities in your day-to-day role.

This course is an intensive two days of learning the practical, financial administration and management required to succeed as an effective municipal finance officer and steward of public funds. Topics will be presented through a combination of presentation, group discussion and hands-on exercises.

Who Should Attend?:
  • New Municipal Finance Employees
  • Provincial employees looking for a better understanding of municipal finance issues and functions
  • Municipal Managers and Councillors wanting to gain insight into the role finance plays in the success of their organizations
  • Stakeholders involved in public sector financial management

What you Will Learn:
  • Overview of the municipal sector - background, structure, service responsibilities
  • Review of the Municipal Act
  • Intergovernmental Finance - role and review of the transfer system
  • The fundamentals of accounting and financial reporting, PSAB compliance
  • Best practices and principles of long-term financial planning and capital planning
  • Service cost and pricing strategies - user fees vs. taxation, cost recovery, and much more!

Group Size: This workshop is limited to 50 delegates to facilitate group exercises and learning.

Tools and Takeaways: You will leave this course with useful reference materials and templates that can be used in your everyday role in municipal finance.

About Your Course Leaders:
MFOA’s Municipal Finance 101 course is delivered by a host of leading industry professionals bringing with them decades of acquired knowledge and experience.

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